Folens Online


Folensonline is a designated website hosting a range of our textbooks, for onscreen use by teachers. They can be made interactive with the easy-to-use book tools carefully chosen to support teaching practices. Furthermore, the online saving facility enables the user to build up their own bank of resources around the book, making lesson content customisable.

The website has been designed with the needs of the teacher in mind.

  • It is easy to use – simple and intuitive tools and navigation options
  • It provides extra interactive resources – enlargeable images, interactive quizzes, extra material and lots more
  • You can save your own resources to the book and so personalise and manage your lesson content
  • There are a variety of Help options to support the user in any situation, from quick onscreen look-up, to more individual queries and personal support

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started
Technical Questions

Getting Started

What equipment do I need to use Folens textbooks onscreen in my classroom?
Most computers with internet access will be able to use folensonline. You will also need a data projector or any interactive whiteboard to display the books for your whole classroom.

How do I access folensonline?
It is freely available now at Full versions of the textbooks are online only to registered users. Any teacher can register.

Which books will be available?
In the first year, a limited selection of our popular textbooks are available. To see which books are available, see the book selection page, and keep an eye on the news section for new releases.

Do I need computer training to operate the websites?
No, it is designed to be simple to use. If you can use the internet, you will be able to use folensonline. Any special functions are explained on the Help pages.

Why would I use folensonline?
Displaying the text, images and diagrams from textbooks onscreen facilitates class involvement and focuses attention. With the tools, you can annotate directly onto the textbook. It also provides access to a range of additional links and resources directly at your fingertips, making it easy to integrate ICT into your teaching.

Will I still need to use textbooks?
Folensonline is designed as a classroom supplement to the textbook. For the moment it does not provide the pupil with their own material for personal work and study.

Where can I get help?
A comprehensive range of help options are available to you. Click on the help button "?" in the textbook for immediate assistance, including short help videos demonstrating each feature within the site. For more detailed help, call our dedicated technical help line. See Technical Support for more details.

Technical Questions

What specific type of computer do I need?
The vast majority of computers and laptops will work fine. The minimum technical specifications are: processor of 450 MHz, 256Mb RAM, and a display of 800x600.

What specific operating system do I need?
Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Apple Mac OS.X

Will it work with any internet browser?
Practically all: it has been tested on Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7, IE8), Firefox (2&3), Safari (2&3) and Chrome (1&2), so that is over 99% of all internet browsers.

Do I need any "plug-in's" or special programmes?
Folensonline uses Adobe Flash Player, a plug-in that is free and is already on 98% of computers, so you probably have it already. If not, folensonline will detect this and show you how to download it, which you only have to do once.

What speed of broadband do I need?
Normal broadband should do fine. We have designed folensonline for the majority of broadband speeds currently available in schools. If your broadband speed is especially slow, you will still be able to use folensonline, but it will take a little longer to load at the beginning of the class.

What happens if my broadband stops working in the middle of a class?
Once you have loaded folensonline at the beginning of the class, it continues to work even if your broadband stops. It keeps all the pages of your current chapter in memory, so that you can continue to teach without any disruption. However it will need to be online again when you move to the next chapter.

How do you know when page is loaded?
During loading, a "Loading chapter..." notice appears at the top of the screen. This disappears when everything is loaded.

What's the difference between using folensonline on a data projector and on a whiteboard?
The differences are the same as using any website on a data projector as compared to an interactive whiteboard. With an interactive whiteboard, you can control the computer by touching the board. With a data projector, you control the computer using the mouse or keyboard. However folensonline works identically on both systems.

Can I use my own whiteboard tools?
Folensonline provides its own tools (pens, highlighters etc) so that it works the same on any system and in any classroom. You can also use your own whiteboard tools that you are familiar with, but the work you do with them cannot be saved to the folensonline book pages.

My school only has mobile projectors. Will this work with your system?

Is folensonline on the school server?
Folensonline is a website hosted by an independent website hosting provider. Your school does not need a school server to use it.

When I save my notes in folensonline, where are they saved?
All notes and files are saved onto the internet, to the secure servers of the hosting provider. Whenever you log in, from home, or from a different classroom, you will always have access to your notes, it does not matter which computer you use.

Will anybody else be able to see the notes I make in my class?
No. Only someone with your login and password can access your notes and files.

Are my files and user details completely private then?
Yes. See our privacy policy. Only our customer service team can see your user details (name, email etc). Nobody has access to your personal notes and files except you.